503cw vs 500 cm negative

images 503cw vs 500 cm negative

Also, the mm in this kit is only really useful for landscape as you already have a mm. This set would be useful for starting on bird photography, amongst other uses. This is a good place to ask questions about the various cameras, I am going to purchase a medium format camera. Posts like this really help! Apart from the housing that incorporates the motor drive and the NiCd batteries, this camera is similar in appearance and operation to the Hasselblad C and uses the same magazines, lenses and viewfinders. I love photography, but I SO love Hasselblad photography! Skip to main content.

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  • Soooo, I want to dip into Medium Format and I miss using film. and now I have three cameras within my budget: /CM, and CW.

    images 503cw vs 500 cm negative

    I've read alot, and FA has a bit of bad rap, being a "crippled" - that is very. The CM, C, and CM are all about the same, the Cx and the. which is bad for nature photography the TLR is whisper quiet. or if you want to use flash with ttl(then get a CX) or both (then get a cw).

    Hasselblad cm, , or Photography Forums

    I know the cw is the only one still in production and newer. Furtnermore, there isn't huge difference between CM and CW if you're going to is a working horse and I doubt they'd hire a camera in a bad condition.
    Inthe series of automated focal plane shutter equipped models was introduced.

    July A completely agree about the joy of shooting a Hasselblad. The tonality is getting close, but so do my iPhone images if I process them accordingly. If I buy the cheapest 80mm, that lens has less internal flare protection, microcontrast then the latest released CW kit lens?

    Hasselblad CM should I just purchase it! [Archive]

    Retrieved I would be grateful if you could clarify your point on metering for me.

    images 503cw vs 500 cm negative
    The H-System marked an essential transition for the company.

    At least when one lights to sit, and to watch for food, one may be able to catch a picture. In the long term there are several lens combinations that you should consider. I believe film should be processed and scanned by a skilled and experienced pro lab for the best results.

    Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources. A lot of lenses suffer from scratches, fungus, discoloration and separation.

    I think that would work very well with a lot of things you shared lately.

    I'm myself on my first roll of Portra and a C/M. My other.

    it and I think the 80mm CF lens was also a bad copy which I had to send back. I think $ for a CM with 80mm and A12 back is a bit steep, especially if it's a CF lens. Which model should I start the hunt for? the C/M looks a bit cheaper but In addition to the Gliding Mirror the CW also has TTL OTF flash metering (only The bad thing is: I can't find the site anymore!. Results 1 - 48 of Hasselblad c with Waist Level and A12 Back.

    images 503cw vs 500 cm negative

    HASSELBLAD CW BODY, A12 BACK (LATEST) WITH MATCHING INSERT. film back for film and produces 24 /4 x /4 square negatives or slides.
    April Thank you very much for your kind feedback, Mariano.

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    After I purchased my beloved Fuji X-Pro1I felt I finally had everything in one little and very portable system that I was looking for: Beautiful, aesthetic and authentic film colors and, even more importantly, more dynamic range than I had ever seen in any other digital camera. Since a few months I am also using a Hasselblad CM. Harry Leonard, go for it. April Hello! Back to home page.

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    images 503cw vs 500 cm negative
    503cw vs 500 cm negative
    Related sponsored items Feedback on our suggestions - Related sponsored items. Visit store. I am starting to get in to more film photography and must say all the manul work pays off at the end when looking at final images.

    Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code. What resolution to you have your negs scanned at and how big are the files?

    images 503cw vs 500 cm negative

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