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It needs full weapon energy to work, but it can recover energy either from weapon energy capsules or from damage X takes. It's got the same capabilities as the normal armor upgrades including the Plasma Shot buster upgradeexcept it allows unlimited use of the Nova Strike, and you get it all at once instead of in pieces. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? The Heart Tank sits out in the open, above the beginning of the main path of the level section just after the giant staircase in Area 2. User Info: Kronniks. This gives X a bigger, much more powerful fully-charged shot that leaves behind a plasma ball on impact, which does further damage to any enemy that touches it.

  • Tank Ex Prototype Main Battle Tank

  • Mega Man X-X3 and Mega Man Xtreme has four Sub Tanks, Mega Man X4-X7 only has two Sub Tanks, but added one Weapon Sub Tank and one EX Item, and.

    There is a total of 10 Sub Tanks in the game, which are found either EX Item: In Area 1, also in Frost Walrus' stage, above the disappearing slopes with spikes.

    The Sub Tank is located on an overhang, along with a Rescuable Reploid (who However, by using the Falcon Armor or Zero's air dash, you can nab the EX.
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    images ex sub tank

    User Info: GoukiAkujiki. The upgrades can only be utilized by X, and Zero cannot see them. Kronniks posted Hidden category: Sub-pages.

    images ex sub tank

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    images ex sub tank
    This page was last edited on 6 Augustat They act very much the same as normal Sub Tanks, except they fill and restore weapon energy instead of life energy. On the character select screen, highlight X, and press twice, six times, then hold and and press.

    Others require some creative tricks like using an enemy attack to break a wall. Notably, there are actually two arm upgrades in this game.

    Interestingly, both of the game's unique items (the Weapon Sub Tank and EX Tank) are located in Frost Walrus' stage. This makes Walrus' stage the only one in.

    Tank Ex Prototype Main Battle Tank

    Its pretty useles in every game not just x4, even more useless is the ex tanks, should have stayed with 4 sub tank, even in x6 u can have a third.
    You can move backwards and forwards when hovering, but this will decrease your hover time.

    If you drop down the spike lined shaft, you will observe the EX Tank lying on a bed of spikes, and a platform with a Rescuable Reploid just to the right of that. Now, any upgrade capsule will grant X the Ultimate Armor.

    X8 might not be the best but they did one thing right with the sub tank, it only take what u need and not the whole tank.

    The Sub Tank is located in plain, easily obtainable sight in the stage's Nightmare Zone, on the right of the ascent.

    images ex sub tank
    Once a Sub Tank has been found, picking up a health item when the character is at full health will instead fill up the Sub Tank.

    Start a Wiki. Icefang posted If you are playing as X and fail this, you can shoot Lightning Web from the ground level and dash jump off the web up to it. However, if you don't pick it up fast enough, a giant laser from above will destroy the platform and cause the Heart Tank to fall into the pit.

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    1. They are both found in Storm Owl's stage, above the spike-lined area. You can move backwards and forwards when hovering, but this will decrease your hover time.

    2. Start a Wiki. Note that the shots are not fired when you release the fire button: that just makes you stop charging; you must tap the fire button again to start firing them.