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images online mental health forums

The anonymous nature of the Internet encourages the disinhibition effect [ 10 ], in that, people disclose and reveal more about themselves online than they would offline. The example quote in Table 1 is by a young person asking for advice on how they can cope with panic attacks. Cyberpsychol Behav. My first panic attack was when my insomnia was getting seriously bad and I started panicking about not sleeping and I just lost it. It is evident that despite the site having themed topics of discussion, what is discussed on the forum is not restricted or limited to these themes, and it is apparent that young people feel comfortable discussing issues outside of these areas on this forum. The young people in the study found blogging to be therapeutic and enabled them to provide detailed thoughts, feelings, and experiences beneficial to researchers of an often hard to reach sample.

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    For support and help with your personal mental health issues that don't fit into a specific. Gambling, TV and Internet Addiction Subforum icon. In here you'll find lots of newbies, info about how the forums work, and you can Sometimes talking about mental health can get a bit heavy - this is the place to. Disinhibition is viewed to have a positive effect in online mental health forums [11 ]. Indeed, the features of anonymity, accessibility, and control.
    Young people discussed a range of mental health such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, suicide, and self-harm and physical health issues such as pregnancy, periods, cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy.

    Mental Health Support – online forum – The Shaw Mind Foundation

    Online self-help groups can provide a sense of normality to young people [ 23 ]. The internet and self-injury: what psychotherapists should know. This is an important finding of online forums, since it is often thought or assumed that young people seek informal support from friends or family members more so than from formal support mechanisms [ 4 ].

    images online mental health forums

    From depression and anxiety to eating disorders and hearing voicesyou'll find a place you feel comfortable discussing your issues. Further research might therefore consider these differences in the adoption of these approaches.

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    images online mental health forums
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    These discussions suggest a sense of community and friendship, aside from the problem specific supportive element of the forums, being developed on the forum and also the sense of wanting to share.

    Either by direct request for advice, with a themed heading followed by a post with more detail about the specific advice they require, or a direct question within the post itself.

    images online mental health forums

    The forum data contained less directive emotional support compared with nondirective; however, this type of emotional support was provided on occasion. Despite the variety of issues discussed on the forum, analysis revealed that some mental health or emotional issues tended to get a particular response.

    For instance, the following responder, despite being emotionally supportive and providing encouragement to the poster, is suggesting they wait until they are older before they make any decisions, as in the quote below:.

    Best Online Mental Health Forums for Those Who Need Help Before we were able to so freely speak about our mental health issues, we.

    SANE's free online support forum provides a safe, non-judgemental moderated space, where people can provide peer-to-peer emotional support, help and.

    Free online support rooms SANE, mental health charity

    SANE's free support forum has thirteen specific rooms where supporters can go to and receive advice from people with firsthand experience of mental illness.
    All authors reviewed the themes and discussed at length to refine the themes, the subthemes, and the hierarchy.

    In a study looking at the viability of online blogs as a research methodology for young people with arthritis, Prescott et al [ 29 ] found that the online environment gave them space and empowerment to express their own ideas and concerns.

    Building an online community to promote communication and collaborative learning between health professionals and young people who self-harm: an exploratory study. This study adds to the research exploring what young people discuss within online forums and provides insights into how these communications take place.

    How Young People Seek Support In terms of how the young people seek support, posters tended to approach this in one of two ways. The online disinhibition effect. This was the largest dataset with posts analyzed, to gain an understanding of how young people provided each other with peer-to-peer support objective 2.

    6 Mental Health Forums That Will Help You Talk About Your Illness

    images online mental health forums
    In general, the Internet can offer young people support through professional and peer support, as well as provide a referral to appropriate services [ 15 ].

    In contrast to the nondirective informational support, this response has no personal story to support why they are suggesting the advice they are or indeed why they think the poster should contact certain people as evidenced from the example quote for the nondirective informational support. Offering support that has not been requested could be an avenue for young people to share their experiences on the site.

    Table 2 illustrates the issues that received specific styles of response or support. Kooth provided the researchers with all the forum posts 1 dataset between a 2-year period initial posts, posted on the forum from December 12, to December 31, that resulted in a dataset of initial posts, initial posts and responses, 8 moderator initial posts, and moderator posts and responses.

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    1. If you want to get better, just start by asking yourself these questions because doing something like self-harm has harsh consequences that might make things worse. A further limitation is the limited generalizability of the findings.

    2. Young people register on the site using an anonymous user name. However, the data does not allow us to determine if this is an actual goal of the posters.