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The Ghurids or Ghorids were a dynasty of Iranian descent from the Ghor region of present-day central Afghanistan, but the exact ethnic origin is uncertain. The region of Syria is an area located east of the Mediterranean sea. A bas-relief at Persepolisdepicting the united Medes and Persians. Kara-Khitan conquest. The northern side of the anticline is faulted, which results in the repetition of the sequence of sedimentary strata exposed in it; the eroded Sinjar Anticline exposes a number of sedimentary formations ranging from Late Cretaceous to Early Neogene in age.

  • Ahmad Sanjar (b. – d. 8 May ) was the Seljuq ruler of Khorasan from until in Inhe repulsed an invasion from Kashgaria, killing Jibrail Arslan Khan near Termez.

    Inhe invaded the domains of the Ghurid ruler Izz. Il-Arslan ("The Lion (died March ) was the Shah of Khwarezm from until He was Sanjar died only a few months after Il-Arslan's ascension, causing Seljuk Khurasan to descend into chaos.

    The Karakhanid Chaghrï Khan had been persecuting the Qarluks in his realm, and several Qarluk leaders fled to. In any case the khan was obliged to seek the intercession of the The sick Arslan-Khan surrendered to Sanjar, and, because he was the father of Sanjar's.
    InAhmad, along with Garshasp II, marched to confront the Kara Khitan threat and engaged them near Samarkand at the Battle of Qatwanhe suffered an astounding defeat, and Garshasp was killed.

    Stranded without water, shade, or medical supplies, the Yazidis had to rely on scarce supplies of water and food airdropped by American, British and Iraqi forces.

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    Yezidi Temple on Mount Sinjar Sassanian rule came to an end when the last Sassanian ruler, Yazdegerd III was killed not far from the city and the Sassanian military governor surrendered to the approaching Arab army. Garshasp IIwho had been imprisoned by Mahmud IIfled to the court of Ahmad, where he requested protection from him Garshasp's wife was the sister of Ahmad.

    A Yazidi shepherd on Mount Sinjar. Gertrude Bell wrote, in the s: "Until a couple of years ago the Yezidis were ceaselessly at war with the Arabs and with everybody else.

    images sanjar arslan khan
    Gold stater of the Greco-Bactrian king Eucratides. Its population in was estimated at 88,; the important Chermera temple is found on the highest peak of the Sinjar Mountains.

    The Khwarazmian dynasty also known as the Khwarezmid dynasty, the Anushtegin dynasty, the dynasty of Khwarazm Shahs, and other spelling variants; from was a Persianate Sunni Muslim dynasty of Turkic mamluk origin. Rudkhan Castle in the Alborz mountain range - Iran. Herodotus records a Persian commander threatening to enslave daughters of the revolting Ionians and send them to Bactria. Sanjar was born in ca.

    Malik Shah were too divided and militarily weak to dispute Sanjar's position, and and Talas, placing on the throne in Samarkand Muhammad II Arslan Khan.

    However, Sanjar killed Qadir Khan, as we have related, under the year [ - 2]3 and restored the rule of Arslan Khan, whose hold on power became well. However, Sanjar killed Qadir Khan, as we have related, under the year [ - 2f and restored the rule of Arslan Khan, whose hold on power became well.
    The Xianbei formed part of the Donghu confederation, but had earlier times of independence, as evidenced by a mention in the Guoyuwhich states that during the reign of King Cheng of Zhou they came to participate at a meeting of Zhou subject-lords at Qiyang but were only allowed to perform the fire ceremony under the supervision of Chu since they were not vassals by covenant; the Xianbei chieftain was appointed joint guardian of the ritual torch along with Xiong Yi.

    In the Middle Agesit was a residence of the Dailamites and of the Seljuqsit was damaged by the Mongol invasion in the 13th century.

    After being victorious, Ahmad then restored the domains of Garshasp II. The Khitans in the 10th century, forebears of the Kara-Khitans. Khorasan, sometimes called Greater Khorasan, is a historical region lying in northeast of Greater Persia, including part of Central Asia and Afghanistan.

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    An early turquoise mine in the Madan village of Khorasan during the early 20th century.

    images sanjar arslan khan
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bactria; or Bactriana was a historical region in Central Asia.

    images sanjar arslan khan

    After being victorious, Ahmad then restored the domains of Garshasp II. The Syr Darya is a river in Central Asia. Bowl painted on slip under transparent glaze polychromeNishabur, 9th or 10th century.

    images sanjar arslan khan

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    1. Categories : deaths Seljuk rulers Monarchs of Persia births 11th-century Turkic people 12th-century Turkic people. In the south, beyond the Oxus, he met strong resistance.

    2. Scholars debate the scope of the word castle, but usually consider it to be the private fortified residence of a lord or noble. Although thousands more remained stranded on the mountain as of August 12, it has been reported that 7, Yazidi women were taken as slaves and over 5, men and children were killed, some beheaded or buried alive in the foothills, as part of an effort to instill fear and to desecrate the mountain the Yazidis consider sacred.