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Visit the blog at www. The rumors surrounding Mr. His younger sister even testifies to his innocent! Song Shanmu: 1. Follow us Facebook Twitter instagram youtube. Latino Voices. Canada U. This is a recent excerpt. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password.

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  • SUNMOON LIFELONG EDUCATION GROUP was founded by Mr. Song Shanmu in Shenzhen, China in After more than fifteen years of development, the. A Brief Introduction of The Founder.

    Profile Sunmoon Education Group

    Song Sunmoon, from Shandong, China, was formerly a university professor. He holds a Doctorate in DBA management from. 12 visitors have checked in at 山木培训 Sunmoon Education Group.
    Song Shanmu going to Japan multiple times was to visit his other Japanese relatives. Regarding the negative effects caused by this matter, I apologize to all of society.

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    Song Shanmu:. Follow us. Username or Email Address. China Jiangxi Web jxcn.

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    images sunmoon education group
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    I know what corporate CEOs and HR chiefs would like for me to say, which is that if you are harassed, you should obediently report the incident to your company.

    images sunmoon education group

    Later, unable to escape back to Japan, he changed his identity and lived in China, later marrying a Chinese girl and had a son. Here are my further thoughts on this subject:. That's because sexual harassment is a highly sensitive subject for the CEOs and HR chiefs who hire recruiters like me.

    images sunmoon education group

    US News. An interviewed guard also says he often brings different women there, women he does not recognize.

    Shenzhen Daily has an article named "City education group founder jailed for rape", by Han Ximin: "A FORMER president of a well-known training institute in. City education group founder jailed for rape former president of Shenzhen Sunmoon Education Group, to pay the victim, a woman surnamed.

    Sun Moon Education Group Founder Song Shanmu Accused Of Rape chinaSMACK

    China Jiangxi Web (), May 13 report, Shanmu Lifelong Education Group ( Shanmu Training [English name is “Sun Moon Education.
    In China, when a victim brings a claim against her harasser, only the harasser himself is responsible for his actions. The "stick" of legal reforms and the threat of lawsuits is important, but over time, the companies that win in the marketplace will be those that recruit and retain the best talent.

    images sunmoon education group

    Regarding the negative effects caused by this matter, I apologize to all of society. And I thought, with the profile I've been so lucky to build in my career, if I don't stand up and speak publicly about this topic, who will?

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    images sunmoon education group
    Sunmoon education group
    Impact: This New World. Song Shanmu:.

    On Sexual Harassment in China HuffPost

    She then rode his Mercedes Benz to the apartment complex pictured in the Luohu District and followed his instructions for cleaning. Log In Sign In. Search Search for: Search.

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