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images yamaha fz1 2008

In a nutshell After the slightly disappointingly soft FZS Fazer, Yamaha upped the ante in with two new R1-powered models that introduced a higher degree of sporting prowess to the brand. Fairly conservative rake and trail figures degrees and 4. But the FZ1 required a significant hoik on the bar, or maybe a little clutch, to get the front wheel up. Greg Drevenstedt - July 24, This rad and fan design produces more airflow than conventional flat design rads to maintain optimum engine temperatures for consistent power output. We did the photo shoot for this story there. In some European countries the model featured and exhaust-based catalytic converter, but the bike was still the same. Die cast lightweight aluminum twin spar frame provides an optimized rigidity balance for incredible sports handling.

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  • The Yamaha FZ1 is a naked bike made by Yamaha Motor Company in Japan. The model received an interesting review from Motorcycle Thailand. You are looking at one of the best values in Yamaha's line-up.

    The FZ1 offers exceptional open class performance with cutting style. R1 inspired power. Yamaha bikes, if you compare with any other bike brands, are born to cruise on roads. Yamaha FZ1 is yet another model that Yamaha took all.
    Check out those dyno charts: between 6, and 8, rpm, the FZ1 has as much as 16 fewer horses and 11 lb-ft less torque than the Z or Speed Triple.

    R1 genes for sure.

    YAMAHA FZ1 FAZER (on) Review Speed, Specs & Prices MCN

    The bike's taller gearing didn't help, though owners will be able to change this relatively easily. The compact design also reduces weight. Most of this engine is identical to the latest YZF-R1's. Once I reached the familiar twisties on Route 33, more differences between the Z and the Speed Triple began to emerge. But when comparing bikes within the same category, it can be hard to nail down exactly why one feels more comfortable than another.

    images yamaha fz1 2008
    For this comparison test, I evaluated each bike under similar circumstances. Surprisingly comfortable eh? Supporting over Motorcyclists and Motorcycling for 19 great years.

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    Maintenance-free transistor-controlled digital ignition ensures great performance at all rpms. This adds a sportier look to the already aggressive motorcycle and the rear end makes sure that it would remind you of the Yamaha YZF-R1.

    So can you ask for more?

    Yamaha FZ1 and FZ1 Fazer ( – ) Buyers guide

    The rider, route and gear were the same, and being in Southern California, so was the weather.

    Kawasaki Z, Triumph Speed Triple and Yamaha FZ1 road tests from Rider Magazine. For more motorcycle road tests visit. "The awesome R1 engine in a more practical but still high-spec chassis". Read the latest expert review from MCN on the YAMAHA FZ1.

    Yamaha FZ1 Top Speed

    Yamaha s ultimate street brawler the fz1 brings cc of fuel-injected the ante in the naked bike arena with the entrance of the Z
    As I descended the grade into San Luis Obispo, the temperature dropped by 20 degrees. Transmission: 6-speed, cable-actuated wet clutch Final Drive: X-ring chain. I had the same waitress Tesa and I ordered another salad and iced tea.

    images yamaha fz1 2008

    With its cc, valve engine sourced from a previous-generation R1 sportbike, the FZ1 is the powerhouse in this trio. Pulling into Taft for lunch at Chicken of Oz, it was only 95 degrees.

    The powerful motor was placed in an all-new compact aluminum frame that required brand new suspensions.

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    images yamaha fz1 2008
    I'd been slightly annoyed when, with about 25 miles of the afternoon's route still to cover, the FZ1's digital fuel gauge began to flash. FZ1 came second in a Rider Magazine Naked bike comparo [13].

    Cam profiles and the cam timing are designed to provide for more low to midrange power VsR1. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. After riding all three bikes on part of the test loop, Bill voted for the Speed Triple and Vasco voted for the Z

    Make Model.

    Yamaha FZ-1 N. Year. Engine. Four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 5 valve per cylinder. Capacity.

    cc / cu-in. Bore x Stroke .
    The header pipe length has been optimized for maximum power delivery.

    images yamaha fz1 2008

    On one straight it put mph on the digital speedo, which sits next to an analog tacho in the new instrument console. Wet Weight. The first Yamaha FZ1 history page was wrote in when the model was launched as a street motorcycle manufactured by the Yamaha Motor Company. On any sporty open-classer, pulling a wheelie should involve nothing more difficult than cracking open the throttle in first gear. Very stable once a line is set, but more work to get it there.

    images yamaha fz1 2008
    Yamaha fz1 2008
    Most of this engine is identical to the YZF-R1. Overall handling was reasonably good, and there was no doubting the rigidity of the new aluminum frame. Convenient cartridge style spin-off oil filter. The engine and frame are blacked-out, but for the bike only comes in white, which reminds me of a Camry.

    They have tubular steel frames and modified YZF-R1 engines which are carbureted. With those bug-eyed headlights, single-sided swingarm and beautifully shaped wheels, the Speed Triple wins the three-way beauty contest hands down. Category Commons.

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    2. Lightweight, 3rd generation R1 based crankshaft provides quick engine response. Triumph offers a flyscreen, gel seat, tankbag and tailbag that would go a long way to making the Speed Triple a more comfortable sport-touring platform.

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